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OAK CREEK 30L DRY BAG BACKPACK - $37.95 (as of 6/17/19 - 1 a.m. CST)

This drybag/backpack is one of my favorite things I've ever purchased! Luke is probably tired of hearing about it because I tell him how much I love it every time I use it. First, it's huge - 30L, which is pretty big for a drybag... and it's completely waterproof. It has a zipper pouch on the front with a waterproof strip over the top so water doesn't leak through the zipper. If you totally submerged it, it may let some water in, but it's been a lifesaver on all my kayaking and paddle boarding trips. It's also great for hiking and is so comfortable to wear - it has upper and lower back padding, as well as padded straps.

HYDRO FLASK WATER BOTTLE - $29+ (as of 6/17/19 - 1 a.m. CST)

I've tried several stainless steel water bottles before but HydroFlask is by far my favorite. They come in so many beautiful colors and are super durable. I like the small circumference of the standard mouth vs. the wide mouth, because they are easier to hold and fit in standard cup holders. You won't be disappointed! 


If you want or have a standard mouth HydroFlask like the one above, you might be disappointed when you realize they don't come with a straw lid like the wide mouth ones. This one fits perfectly and you don't have to constantly be taking the lid off to drink. 

GILI INFLATABLE PADDLE BOARD - $439.95 (as of 6/17/19 - 1 a.m. CST)

I purchased this inflatable paddle board specifically for my Hawaii trip because rentals were so expensive there (although I had been wanting one for a long time and definitely planned on using it on other trips). I can't tell you how much I love it! I love the mint, but it also comes in a couple other colors. Once it's inflated, you can barely tell it's an inflatable board. It's very durable and easy to travel with. It only weighs 19 lbs and the bag it comes in can be worn as a backpack.

ADVANCED ELEMENTS ULTRALITE KAYAK PADDLE - $45.99 (as of 6/17/19 - 1 a.m. CST)

I bought this as a travel paddle so I can use it with my paddle board when I want to sit down or paddle in stronger winds. It's perfect for traveling because it breaks down into four pieces; each about 22in long. It's also super light weight at only 1.6 pounds, but it doesn't feel flimsy at all.

VILANO ELECTRIC PUMP FOR INFLATABLE SUP - $49.00 (as of 6/17/19 - 1 a.m. CST)

This saved me on my last trip. I didn't buy it for my board when I took it to Hawaii but really wish I had. Pumping up the board is a workout in itself. This attaches to the cigarette lighter in your car and can be programmed to shut off at a certain PSI so it won't over inflate your board. It takes about 12 minutes but definitely saves your arms! It is compatible with almost all inflatable SUP boards and also comes with several different rings to make it more secure depending on your brand of board.

AKUMAL MICROFIBER BEACH TOWEL - $27.99 (as of 6/17/19 - 1 a.m. CST)

I bought this quick-dry towel for my recent trip to Hawaii and it was perfect! It's microfiber, so it's thinner than regular towels - it dries faster and folds up SO small. If you're traveling and looking for a towel but are short on space, this is perfect. I'm already wanting to buy more. Also, just look at those patterns (Insert heart eyes emoji)!

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